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We all want to live a life in balance. It is much tougher than it looks and that is exactly why we are here!

My name is Michelle Schneider and I founded Optimal Hormone Health and Aesthetics for one simple reason. You deserve a happy, healthy life. We are here to help you get there! We are dedicated to listening to you and will partner with you to help you reach all of your personal wellness goals!

I am a board certified Family Nurse practitioner. I obtained my Master of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston, where I graduated with honors. Memberships in professional organizations keep me on the cutting edge of care. I am active in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, North Harris Montgomery Advanced Practice Nurse Society, and Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society.

Health, aesthetics, and wellness is my passion and I live what I teach. You could call me an avid fitness enthusiast! I enjoy everything from weight training to boxing classes and spin classes with my husband, and any type of activity with my three children. I encourage my patients to live healthy active lifestyles and to be pro-active with their health. This includes focusing on health promotion and disease prevention through diet and exercise, making healthy, balanced lifestyle choices, and through the use of bio identical hormones in the form of pellet therapy. When appropriate, I also recommend the use of dietary supplements to help restore balance and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

It is so important to stay abreast of cutting edge care! That is why I am continually expanding my knowledge in the area of age management and preventative medicine by attending specialty conferences, symposiums, and training seminars.

At Optimal Hormone Health & Aesthetics, we believe that every patient who walks through our door deserves to live a happy, healthy life. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness and will always “dig a little deeper” to get to the source of your symptoms. Health and wellness is a journey that changes over time and we believe that we are the RIGHT partner for your life-long journey to health and happiness.

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